Saturday, January 10, 2015

Some finishes!!!!

 Way back when I found these calendar kits in the clearance section at Michael's. I will NOT just shove things back, at least for now :)
 It didn't take long to put them together. They can be used as a binder or on the wall. Hubby and I delivered them to DD#1 and Elijah's Mom last night. Two more things are out of the sewing/scraproom. "let it Go"
 Project kits have been organized and prioritized as well as Christmas 2015 kits/ideas lined up. I do believe I have enough to keep busy for quite awhile.
 I was able to "Let it Go" of a few odds and ends while cleaning up and organizing kits
 This pile of WIP reared their ugly heads while I was digging around. I am tired of moving piles of almost complete stuff around. They have become a priority.
 One of the things in the pile was this jewel. I pick up the little girls hats for their dolls in the dollar bin at Wally world. This hat had somehow been put back until I could add some elastic so they will stay on Bitty's head. DONE!!!
 This was suppose to be a row for the "National Row Along" that was going on over the summer. This one I really liked, the others...not so much :) The others went to the trash but I figured I could make this row into something for spring. It's right around the corner I HOPE!!!
Maybe I could turn this row into a cute table runner :)  If you stand on your head to look at this photo you will see I hit my stash for some backing, saching and binding.
 The end results! Another FINISH!! This one has been moved to the gift drawer.
Outline stitching and free motion quilting combined. I "Let it Go" of some scraps, leftover batting, and unfinished project pile is down just a tiny bit :)

It's been a busy day, week, month, year :) I feel a much needed nap coming on with a bit of football on the side

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