Friday, August 27, 2010

Are you kidding me

Last night just before sundown I took a stroll around the garden, the onions in the square foot garden had finally poked above the ground and were ready to pull. Check out this sorry harvest of onions, the large onion is a standard size yellow onion the others are my pitiful onions that took all summer to grow. The only thing left in the square foot garden is sweet potatoes, I decided to leave them until the first frost and see if just maybe they will increase in size, not likely but will see. I have been replacing everything in the square foot garden with herbs, the herbs seem to be doing fine so I will be adding more as I can find them, not much to pick from at the garden centers right now.

Had a wonderful visit with my dear friend Val yesterday from Charleston, we had a nice lunch and spent the afternoon playing with Kara and catching up, I shared nicely and let Val hold Kara the entire time!! Val is one of those ladies that make your head spin with all the energy she has and how much she can accomplish in one day and her scrapbooks/cards are always beautiful. She is a perfectionist unlike me!! She is also a real live pastry chef as in former Johnson and Wales student, Val like me and so many of my other best buddies love to cook so I of course had to show off some of my new kitchen gadgets to someone who really gets it! Ha

Now off to the freezer and pull out a hunk of meat to start dinner with tonight then whip up something special for desert, Bob will be home for the first time in 2 weeks and will be ready for some home cookin and Grand baby time so the House should be rocking by the afternoon. I made a dent in the scrap room yesterday and should be able to wade through a little more today, lots of things will be going in the garage sale box, enough is enough!!

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