Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Southern Popcorn

After my super duper couponing morning I got busy on this pile of okra. I intended on battering and freezing it all for fried okra but I ran out of steam so I threw some in the dehydrator. I have a friend who is a gumbo/jumbalia freak so I will pass the dehydrated okra on to her, we already have plenty. I think what I did batter and freeze should be enough for us this winter, not sure yet, I will be vacuum packing it today and decide whether we will need more or not. If you have never grown okra before give it a try, it is so easy to grow and you will have more okra than you could ever use. I am using Paula Deen's fried okra recipe, it was a hit for supper Friday night so I should have some happy campers come Sunday dinner this winter. I need to dig around and find more soup/gumbo recipes to use the dehydrated okra in for the winter.

Super Duper couponing yesterday morning was so fun, made the hour or two Sunday night getting it all together worth the effort. I spent $106.00 and saved $149.00. Who can't use $149.00 in free stuff that you will need? I was able to stock up on lots of things at a great price, one of the stores had sugar on sale for $1.99, I had coupons for and additional $.50 off so 4 pounds of sugar was down to $1.49, love that, I use lots of sugar during the winter for holiday cooking. This month will be stocking the pantry with baking and toiletries mostly. We have a freezer full of meats, another freezer full of mainly fruit and some veggies that we don't like dehydrated or canned, the canning pantry is slap a.. full from a summer of canning, other than working with apples for apple sauce, apple butter and dehydrated apples I shouldn't need much more to keep us fat and happy this winter. Other than milk, butter and eggs I won't be doing much grocery shopping in September so I can direct our spending to the baking end of the pantry and begin Christmas shopping.
Oh Lord, Christmas shopping gives me cold chills, our family has gotten so large that Christmas shopping has turned into a real chore and a huge expense, each year we try to cut back more and more but the reality is we keep adding more and more family members. Our spending keeps growing but the individual piles for each of our girls and their families are getting smaller, we are going to have to have a few long talks at Sunday dinner on expectations for Christmas this year with the kids. The madness needs to stop

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