Monday, August 23, 2010


This weekend I saw that the ladies across the street left the tailgate open on their SUV so I ran over to let them know, after a short visit they invited me to see their garden, you can see a bit of it from the road that always looks so nice. HOLY HANNAH it blew my socks off. They have more like a homestead back there, every fruit tree you can imagine they have put in themselves for the past few years at the 1/2 price sale, raised veggie gardens galore loaded with a little of everything, along with herbs and a compost pile to drool over. They gave me the nicest egg plants to take home, they are dropping of the plants they have so many. So along with the sweet potatoes I picked up at the farmers market and few of my own peppers I dehydrated them to use later. I figure I can even sneak them in some soups over the winter to bump up the vitamins etc and the family will never know it is egg plant. In return I took over a jar of bread and butter pickles and dehydrated sweet potatoes for them. We worked out a deal that when they get their bee hive going I will dehydrate some things for them in exchange for fresh honey. Woohoo, fresh honey for free and I don't have to take the chance on getting stung or building a hive for ourselves, Bob is allergic to bees so I'm not sure we need to be messing with them in the first place. Having at this point 3 bee hives surrounding the house should help all of our gardens in the future. I was so inspire I ran to the garden center and picked up our winter veggies for the second time, I hope the fertilizer Rambo man put out has washed away with the 5 inches of rain we had last week so maybe this time I can get the garden going again. I put a few things in yesterday, hope to finish today before I get Kara for the first time, Mommy will be starting back to work today.

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