Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thrill of coupons

Oh what a great day yesterday, I scored big time at the grocery store and CVS using coupons, sale paper and in store savings cards. At CVS I saved $58.11 and spent $54.81 only buying what we normaly use, I was able to stock up on shampoo, nuts (christmas is coming) Mac and cheese to name just a few. OK, here is a sample; Mac and cheese was 10 for $10.00 I had coupons 2 for $.50 off, brought them down to $.85 each, shampoo was on sale $.99 each, had coupon for $.50 each brought the cost down to $.49 each, can't beat that price!! And I earned extra bucks for buying, I now have a $5.00 off next puchase of $25.00 or more in addition I earned $18.00 in extra bucks so the next time I go in I will spend $25.00 and get $23.00 off. Check out drug store game on line to get a better explanation on how cool this is.
Grocery store was even better, I only needed a few things but always check out the marked down meat. I get to the store early when the butcher is just putting things out, many times if he sees you are buying he will have me hang around a bit because he has even more in the back to be taged. Bought $48.00 in meat but only cost $21.00, had a few other things to pick up and most had great coupons ended up paying full price for only milk and eggs (hope they are safe). Total bill $32.17, total savings $63.00, LOVE IT.
It takes time to work coupons, compaire weekly sales ad, make sure you are rotating what you have in the pantry and use the food saver to repakage meat and get in the frezzer but it is worth the effort.
I spent maybe 3 hours total shopping, cliping comparing, and frezzing, works out to about $40.00 an hour in wages if you figure it that way and I didn't have to comute far, the kitchen then the grocery, less than a mile of gas, I get to dress in garden casual and I am my own boss. I would say its at pretty nice deal.
I was able to finish getting the fall plants in the garden and pulling up all the dead stuff yesterday evening when it was nice and cool after spending a few hours rocking Kara while Mommy worked. SOOOOOO blessed. Durn spell check and add photo isn't working on the blog today, sorry for any and all mispelled words, I suck at spelling.

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