Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday paper rocks

Our Sunday paper had over $300.00 in coupons yesterday!! I would normally run right out and pick up 2 or 3 more papers when the coupons are this good but..... we had Sunday dinner earlier in the day as in 11:00 AM, holy Hannah, try and pull that off, started cooking at 7:00 AM. Then it was on to the store with Heather and my sister to return some baby gifts from her shower on Saturday, I had Kara for the afternoon while Mommy worked and Daddy did their yard work, got Bob packed up and on the road with a cooler full of pre-cooked meals, a friend dropped by to see Kara for the first time, pulled the rest of the bell peppers from the garden, then...... finally sat down with the paper at 8:00 PM. Once I saw that the coupons really were good ones and not just cosmetics, hair products and such I ran to our corner store to pick up a few more but they were sold out, hit 6 more spots all were sold out. Looks like lots of folks have joined the coupon band wagon this year, I have never had a problem picking up and extra paper in the past, durn I hate I missed out.
Here is an interesting thing that came up Sunday, I was showing my friend who I haven't seen in way to long our dehydrated food shelf, her response was are you preparing for apocalypse? WHAT???? Na, just trying to eat from the garden or our local farmers market so we aren't eating all the preservatives in grocery store food or taking our chances on salmonella from fresh foods in the grocery store. I think she thinks I am now a certifiable nut case, humm maybe so. Thank goodness I didn't show her our canning shelves or she would have been calling the funny farm for sure!! Now understand before I get on my soapbox that I love this friend and respect her opinions. Have I spent too much time in the sun this summer working the garden and maybe lost some brain cells? Maybe the canner or dehydrator has pickled my brain a bit? Have I been hanging out with too many folks that are proud to be called Bubba?
So this got me thinking am I a nut?
We enjoy having a garden, even if it is a pain in the a..
We love fresh foods, why would I throw away what we can't eat in the summer? So I can or dehydrate it.
I like supporting local farms and the fresh foods they have to offer
We have no idea where our foods are coming from in the grocery store, they are not inspected often enough.
Eating home grown or locally grown food is cheaper.
Having a pantry full keeps me out of the store buying full priced food if I should run out of something.
I have cut my medication of 400 milligrams a day down to 100 milligrams a day since staying away from food preservatives. Savings of $441.00 a month on drug, yearly savings of $5,292, that ain't chicken feed ladies!!
I like to cook, and it is cheaper than hanging at the mall UGHHHH (hate malls)
I think the jars look pretty (Ok, that might be a little nuts)
If we have an ice storm I don't have to fight the crowds in the store, if you live in the south you know what I mean.
When the flu season starts I don't have to expose myself or the Grand babies to all the germs, I have really low immunities to that crap.
The best way to really save money is to stock up with sales using coupons and rotate food.
Sooooo, I don't think I am a nut, I think I am cheap as all get out, like to cook, and like to eat well.
Thanks for letting me vent, I am headed to CVS to play the coupon game this morning, sooo excited, they have some super deals this week and I have lots of coupons to make it even sweeter.

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