Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Yardwork and dehydrating

We are having unbelievable weather this week, highs in the 80's lows in the 60's. Perfect for yard work and finishing up in the garden. I have the day off from baby setting the grand babies so I need to cram as much in as I can. Also have lots of okra to dehydrate and want to run to the farmers market to pick up more sweet potatoes to dehydrate later in the week. I might even find the energy to get back in the scrap room and make a dent in the mess I have made.
I love, love, love the fall, I know you ladies from north of the mason Dixon line must think we are crazy to get so excited about 80 degree weather but if you had experienced heat indexes of 105 for weeks on end you would understand how invigorating 80 degrees is to us. Even with the air conditioner on full blast heat will sap your energy.
Bob has found an apple orchard/veggie stand in VA that he has been using during the week. They have apples ready to sell that he wants to bring home for the weekend, seems early to me for apples so I told him to find out what variety they are, we need apples for apple sauce, apple butter and to dehydrate. So far I am not loving the fruit dehydrating, mine still feel a little sticky to me, veggies turn out wonderful, nice a crisp, totally dry. I would hate to dehydrate a ton of apples and have them go bad in a short period of time. I am off to mow, weed, haul away garden compost and play in the cool weather.

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