Friday, August 20, 2010

Rambo Man Survivor's

Rambo Man thought the Okra plants were weeds so he didn't douse them in fertilizer, they are one of the few survivors of his handy work. They have taken off this week and are putting on a show producing lots of okra just waiting to be fried up, today however they have been washed, sliced and are dehydrating while I kick back for a bit before heading back to the scrap room. Also have lots of baby watermelons that survived the destruction, I thought I had planted cantaloupe in that spot and watermelon in a different bed, who knows at least I still have a few things left. Looks like some of the peppers might be making a recovery as well as cucumbers, hopefully next week I can get back to bringing in a basket of veggies every day from the garden.

With school starting back next week I will have Tyler and Kara 2 days a week so I have been working hard to get a little organizing done, heck I even cleaned under the sink. The final frontier is the scrap room. Normally I am a very neat and tidy person, everything has a place and is in it's place now that our girls are on their own it is so much easier to keep it that way. But something has happened in the scrap room over the summer when I wasn't looking so now I am in the middle of a major purge, what a mess, who in the world bought all of this stuff and why? Hummm, I think I know who. If you have been following this blog for a while you know in the fall, winter and early spring I kick butt getting layouts done, summer... well not so much. Last winter I did over 500 pages, the ONLY thing I purchased was card stock and adhesive, I was working very hard to use up my stash but from the looks of things I have hardly made a dent. I am determined to get a handle on all this excess stuff, in the meantime my room is a disaster zone and I am trying to find any excuse not to have to go back too it, thus I am blogging at 8:44 PM instead of sorting

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