Friday, August 6, 2010

Garden Mystery Solved

After talking to Bob this morning I discovered what has happened in the garden. Seems Bob decided the garden could use a little mid-summer boost so he hit it with some 10-10-10, WHAT!!!!! Bob is also one of those folks who thinks if a little is good a lot is better so there is no telling how much of the crap he put on my poor virgin garden. Bob has been out of state for the past 6 months on a project so the garden/yard/preserving/house/kids/errands/home business has been all mine other than weekends when he has Saturday to help out a bit. He has no idea the work that has gone on behind the scenes this year, he just reaps the benefits of a table full of good food over the weekend and a cooler full of meals to take back on Sundays.

I have used no pesticides or fertilizer this year and have had outstanding results with heavy mulching, compost, cow poop and weeding often. Along comes Rambo man and possibly destroys it all. I thought it odd that none of the late summer planting I had done made it and all of the seeds failed but I blamed it on the incredible heat wave we have been having. Bob insists that he told me he was gonna give the garden a Little pick me up but for the life of me I don't remember that conversation, could I have been a little busy working the 2 bushels of peaches we drove 4 1/2 hours to pick up. YA THINK.

I hope that things will recover, maybe it is like drinking a rum and coke only you drink a bottle of rum with a splash of coke, after a day or two you do recover. If all is lost then I will have Mr Rambo man back in the garden when we return from vacation to till everything in and start over again, double ugh!!!!! None of this is going to be an easy task with broken toes, Mr Rambo may be getting to participate in the whole shebang this time, tilling, planting, mulching, the works.

I have a mind to pack a speedo for him to wear to the beach next week to get him back for murdering my pride and joy...... maybe not, the kids and Grand children will be along on the trip, no need to destroy the whole family over this, Thankfully we don't depend on the garden for all of our food, we have two grocery stores right around the corner.

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