Monday, August 16, 2010

Square Foot garden

I can finally say that our square foot gardens this year are pretty much a failure. This pitiful sweet potato is just one example of our bounty from the square foot deal. It looks like a sweet potato, it tastes like a sweet potato, heck it is a sweet potato, but it would take a dozen of them to make a side dish for just one person. We are having great success with herbs in the little bugger but everything else has been a total flop. So lesson learned, from here on out we will stick to only herbs in our 2 little square foot gardens.

I played around on the web a bit last night looking at seeds for different herbs that we can plant for the fall as well as perennial herbs, I need to figure out how to fill our mini gardens. I had to stop when I realized how large my bill was in the cute little shopping cart. I would love to grow whatever it is that I could make some teas with. I have lots of dried fruit for flavoring so I am gonna have at it again tonight and focus on only what I know we use in the kitchen and maybe a few extras for making tea.

I am almost caught up from a week at the beach, maybe by the end of the week everything will be back in order, I will be rested up, and we can find some sort of schedule to get back on. A girl needs a dream you know.

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