Thursday, August 5, 2010

Charlie Brown Bell Pepper plant

Check out my Charlie Brown Bell Pepper plant. We have been getting loads of peppers from the plants up until yesterday, with each pepper I picked more and more leaves fell off until they are now naked as a jay bird. Same thing with the jalapeno peppers, looks like this is the end of the season for both. I went ahead and pulled everything and dehydrated what I could. We should still have plenty for the year but I had thought we would be able to share some with friends, looks like that won't happen now. I just hope whatever the problem is won't spread to the rest of the garden.

Spent the afternoon working on cards for an upcoming workshop (can't post yet) and doing the housework thing. Friday is finish up everything I can before we head out for our family beach trip next week. WooHoo a week with the kids, grand babies and fun in the sun.

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