Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Sunshine

Kara is growing so fast, she has already outgrown her newborn clothes and is into her 3 month things, she is turning into quite the chunky monkey!! YAAAA, finally she is able to retain her body temperature so we don't have to keep her swaddled along with socks, gloves, hat the works. She is very much a snuggler, she just loves to be held, no problem we have plenty of arms willing to keep her happy.
On a sad note my garden seems to be melting away. I picked peppers yesterday, when I picked the first one off the plant bunches of leaves fell off, humm... second one same thing and on it went, they all have the same problem but heck if I know what that problem is. I decided whatever it is ain't good so I went ahead and cleaned off all of the peppers and threw them in the dehydrator, just not sure the plants will survive and I didn't want to lose the veggies. The original cucumber plants are in a sorry state as well so I pulled all of them out so the late planting will have a little more room. Our tomatoes are at a standstill, squirrels are now eating the green ones I guess they have given up on getting any ripe red ones at this point, I had been getting a dozen or more ripe tomatoes each day. The heat has been unbearable for several weeks other than the nice cool break we had last weekend but I just don't think that is what the problem it, seems to be something else going on and for the life of me I can't figure it out. I would hate to lose everything this early in the season, the garden has been over the top productive this year, maybe it just needs a vacation, I hope!!

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