Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh My....

Decided I better do a bit of inventory on the freezers yesterday to see if we had any holes to fill, we do need more bacon and sausage and a bit more chicken but other than that we are set as in OH MY!! I had no idea how much I really had in the meat freezer until I got in there and reorganized it. There have been so many mark down sales over the summer, seems like every time I go to the store the mark down meat section has lots to pick from, makes me wonder if folks have cut down on the meat they are buying with this awfully economy that doesn't seem to be getting any better. I use the top freezer of the extra refrigerator in the garage for frozen veggies and fruits from the garden or farmers market. Not much more room in there but I think I am done with anything else that needs to be frozen from the garden, unless we end up with some fall cabbage and broccoli. The inside freezer is for everyday use, ice cream, coconut, nuts, baking mixes and such. I keep things we use on a daily basis in that one, it stays in pretty good shape. I just have to keep my eye on the ice cream when Bob and Ty are around, it goes pretty fast.

Dehydrated a load of okra yesterday, should be the last of any we will need until next year so the rest will be going to friends and neighbors who would like some, stuff grows overnight it seems like. Put a load of sweet potatoes in the dehydrator last night I picked up at the farmers market, we will still need more of them but not to much more. Also canned 4 quarts and a pint of tomatoes from the market, next year we will need to put out more tomatoes, I hate to spend money on them when I could use my own, I think Rambo man has learned his lesson so ours will last till fall next year.

There are no more excuses not to work cleaning the scrap room today other than that I dread it so much... Kara will be coming for the afternoon so that will give me the motivation to hurry up and at least get a section or two finished before then.

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