Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Taking stock and restocking

Do you ever have days when a simple job turns into a bigger job than you planed? When I installed extra shelving in the laundry room a few months back to store more canned goods from the garden I realized that I unintently covered up the electrical box for the house. I didn't figure that was good but then again if we ever needed to get in the box I figured I could just slide the shelving unit out of the way and have at it. We had a small house fire a year or so ago that caused damage to some electrical systems in the house but luckily no structural damage. One of the first things the fire Department did was shut off the power at the electrical box. If you have ever had a fire at your house you know the shear panic you are in trying to call the fire department at the same time as you are using the fire extinguisher to put out the fire. I knew I needed to do so rearranging of freestanding shelving units to get the box uncovered but haven't had the time or energy to get on it until yesterday morning.
I am SO THANKFUL that I decided to tackle that job, I realized when I tried to just slide the unit out of the laundry room it wasn't gonna slide, I have no idea what it weighted, it was stocked full of can goods and a ton of cast iron cookware on the bottom shelf, in an emergency I would have had to totally unload the unit to get to the electrical box, NOT GOOD. We had a shorter but wider shelving unit in the kitchen pantry that I figured would work so I had to unload them both to make the move, one thing leads to another, the wider but shorter unit was wider than I though which lead to having to move and additional unit in the laundry room, unload, move then reload it as well. UGHHHH!! It is all finally done, 7 hours of hard labor but so worth it to have things safe again.
Of course in the process of all that moving I ran into a few things that I decided what the heck was I hanging on to them for so I started a good will box of kitchenware someone will be happy to have. I also noticed how low I was getting on back up spices, so I expanded my job and cleaned out the spice cabnit to see where we stand. That of course turned into a list of spices I needed to restock, which in turn leads to a trip to the grocery store..... See what I mean one job turns into a bigger and bigger job. But I got it all done in time to go over to Kelli's and babyset Karalee while Mommy went to the Dr. LOVE THAT. This post is getting way to long but I want to share an eye opening (for Me) savings I ran into due to all this rearranging, check the next post for that

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