Sunday, December 12, 2010

Candy Making time

Chocolate covered nuts, super cheap using chocolate and peanuts I have put back on sale and using coupons
Fudge using more chocolate from the pantry and walnuts from the market

Peanut brittle, everything from the pantry, peanut brittle is cheap as all get out to make

We ran our tails off Saturday finishing up Christmas shopping, woohoo it is finally done!! Well I think it is, need to get busy wrapping the bounty and see if we have any holes to fill in. Before we took off Saturday I started on Christmas candy, so far chocolate covered nuts, peanut brittle, fudge and peppermint bark are squirreled away, only a few more candies an that job will be done. Monday will be finishing up on candy and getting started on cookies and quick breads also need to get the gingerbread houses ready to build for next Saturday. We are expecting super cold weather again this week so I will spend my time in the warm kitchen stock piling Christmas goodies.

Speaking of super cold weather I finally got a winter survival car kit together for Rambo Man, he is running up and down mountain roads each week to get home and has a long commute to work each day on country roads. After seeing all the cars stranded on snow covered roads in New York a week or so ago I knew I needed to make his car kit a priority. I was surprised he didn't poo poo me when I piled it with his laundry and meals to take back for the week.
I am the worlds worst when it comes to being prepared for winter in the car. When we lived in many different parts of the country up north I had a huge emergency kit to cover the whole family, once we moved south I got lazy. I hate to wear a coat when driving, it has to be pretty cold for me to leave home with a coat on, what the heck would I do if I were to get in a wreak or hung up in a traffic jam, which is a very real scenario where we live. On my to do list this week is to put together my own car kit, need to dig around in the winter container to see if I have some extra hats and gloves, then make a trip to Wally World for a few other necessities. I also need to remember to throw a coat in the car just in case! Gonna be another cold busy week but with the shopping done and meals cooked up for the week it should be a fun peaceful time!!


  1. WOW your so productive! YUM I'd love to make all that but I'm afraid I'd just eat it.

    I'm the same way with putting on a coat. My dd has picked up my habit too. The only thing that is our saving grace is we do keeping winter clothing in the car. I'd HATE being caught in a drift.

    SHHHHH I've also got somethings in there for an emergency bathroom. My family would laugh at me, but they won't be laughing if they have to go. THAT would be my luck, so I'm prepared.

  2. Ha, I forgot the potty part. When our girls were little I alway kept a coffee can in the back of the van for just such a thing, not sure my big old butt would still fit but I am gonna add one to the car! Thanks for the reminder!!