Friday, December 31, 2010

Spending Freeze

Why in the heck am I up so late making baby food? Oh Ya because it needs to get done and I have been to busy today to get to it. Kara is almost out of carrots and is ready to start a new veggi, we will be going with peas this week and I need to make up more carrots, that will be on tomorrows agenda, As soon as I get the peas cooked up and in the freezer I am headed to bed!!!

We are declaring a spending freeze for the month of January, I am soooo over it all!! I will top off the gas tank in the morning, then hit the grocery store for a few things then that's it. Rambo Man is not totally on board, he likes to eat out breakfast on Saturday mornings to meet up with friends, I enjoy it as well but no spending means no spending. We have compromised, he will still have his Saturday morning outing but I will be staying at home. The only exception to no spending will be gas if needed but I think I can make it last for most of the month, also groceries, again other than eggs and milk I don't plan on purchasing a thing no matter how good the coupons might be. It should be interesting to see how we do, the pantry is in pretty good shape, the freezer is brimming, we have plenty of wood and we already picked up our prescriptions for the month.

Of course what do we get in the mail this week but seed catalogs and my Close To My Heart catalog shipment... UGHHHH I see lots of list making and planning in my future but no spending!
I have more than enough to keep me busy for the month and off the streets, lots of projects to finish, others I want to start, and when all 3 grand babies are here my hands will be full. Jump on board and see if you too can go an entire month of no spending other than gas and the basics at the grocery store, misery loves company!!!!

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