Monday, December 20, 2010

The Christmas Jar

Super busy day today but loads of fun! The week before Christmas is when we call it good, if it ain't happened it ain't gonna happen, we want to really enjoy the season.

Here is a SUPER special gift that everyone has time to whip up. Hit your local book store and pick up as many copies of "The Christmas Jar" as you can find, they are now in paperback so the price is right. Take a few of your quart mason jars, add a little cloth or ribbon and use a marker or some scrap book supplies and label it as The Christmas Jar. Now put the book and the jar in a cute gift bag and give to everyone you know!!

We have a really large Christmas Jar, I will split it up into 3 or 4 quart Christmas Jars and add a book with each jar, we will then drop the jars off at our local soup kitchen. The staff at the soup kitchen that is run by several local churches will know what families could use a little financial help and lots of CHRISTmas cheer. My sister's book club combined all of their Christmas Jars and adopted a local nursing home, they were able to purchased everything on the wish list from the home. Now how super cool is that? This would be a great ladies club project for 2011, or a girl scout troop, ladies from your cookie club, the ideas are endless, find some buddies and get it going.

Tomorrow we will run around delivering Christmas gifts to local friends, soooo fun, looks like I will have both baby girls so I will be ready for the heating pad tomorrow night!!

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