Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Taking stock

I had Kara today, all day! Karsyn came over in the afternoon to play, as you can imagine I got very little done but who cares it was a blast watching the baby girls talk to each other and laugh. They seem to be developing their own language that only they understand, whatever it is they are saying they both find it very interesting and funny!! SO CUTE!!!
Kara likes to hang out in the kitchen with me. I sat her swing and exerciser saucer up and got busy inventorying the kitchen pantry, back pantry, spice/baking pantry, along with the canned goods from the garden/market over the summer. I need to do a bit more tweaking but overall I have a pretty good list of what we are running low on in the food department. This gives me a good idea of what to watch out for in the sale paper and coupons so I won't pay full price for anything we will need. I still have the toiletries and over the counter meds to check out but that will wait till later in the week when I work on the upstairs. Packed up a bit more Christmas decorations but didn't get to far on that with Kara around today, she won't arrive until late afternoon tomorrow so maybe I can knock out a lot more. My goal was to get all of the Christmas put away before Jan 1 and get the house back in order, I think I can finish the downstairs but might not be able to tackle the upstairs until after the new year, not that anyone but me cares if it gets done, Rambo man is not picky at all. January will be a long cold month I have plenty of time to get it pulled together before I have all the grand babies in mid January. Tomorrow is another day Scarlett.

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