Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Packages are ALL in the mail

I was able to drag myself out and about today and get the last of the Christmas boxes in the mail. So glad to have one more thing done even if I feel like total dodo. Working on the baby girls stockings tonight, they won't be totally done in time for Christmas but the girls won't care as long as they have warm bottles and clean pants they are happy. Finishing the stockings will be a good winter project.
Here is a peek at our Christmas gift for friends this year.
For our out of town friends who read this blog sorry to ruin your surprise but at least you will see how cute your gifts were before I shoved them in a box with tons of newspaper. I like to make home made gifts for friends near and far. This year I went with 2 of my favorite things, food and scrapbooking. What the heck is this gift anyway? It is home made chicken noodle soup to go, using dehydrated veggies from the garden and or market this summer. I put a jar of onions, carrots, celery, and parsley in canning jars nestled in a canning basket with a flour sack towel (to use when making bread). The tags include recipes for chicken noodle soup using the dehydrated veggies and super easy wheat/white loaf bread. Wish I could have included some homemade chicken broth and noodles but even in this freezing weather I am afraid they would have thawed before reaching your homes. The jars should be plenty of ingredients to make 3 pots of soup with leftover onions, parsley and celery for your pantries to use all winter long. No need to chop onions or celery the work is done for you!
Have a feeling a few of my buddies will be looking into purchasing their own dehydrator once they see how fast a meal comes together when everything is dehydrated, and NO I DO NOT sell them!! Don't buy just any dehydrator!! Check out dehydrate2store.com before you lay down any cash, this lady is over the top informative on the ins and outs of dehydrating.
Tomorrow will be wrapping gifts, blowing my nose, and swigging on NyQuil. Rambo Man wants me to wait for him to wrap gifts but I need to get it done in case I run into any holes. I think one Daughter has been shorted but until I get it all together I won't know. I will save a few things for Rambo to help out with over the weekend but I need to get the project started now! Hope everyone's Christmas plans are coming together and still leaving you time to really enjoy the holiday, it is the best time of the year if you can try and keep it simple!!!!

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