Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Saturday's Snow

I can't believe how cold it is here, this has been going on for a week, doesn't look like we are gonna get a break anytime soon. I rarely wear a coat but I can tell you while running around today I had on a coat and gloves but the chill still got to me. Home tonight on the couch with what feels like a cold coming on, loading up on juice, chicken broth and a bit of chocolate.
Ran myself out of bags for the food saver today putting up baby food and chicken stock, hope they will be going on sale soon!! Also put frozen corn in the dehydrator that I picked up at the grocery today, super good deal. Frozen corn was on sale for $2.50 a bag, had a dollar off coupon for each of them so $ 1.50 a bag, regular price is $3.69. Have broccoli from the garden to throw in the dehydrator tomorrow, the broccoli and cabbage are coming along but so slowly I am not sure it is worth the trouble, we need to till it under soon, might just give up and turn it all under except for the lettuce that is doing amazing.
Grocery store total today was $35.66 coupon savings was $68.64 I consider that a good day! With gas up to $2.94 a gallon we need all the savings we can get. So hope that the nuts in Washington can get their act together soon, if the Bush tax cuts expire it is really going to cut into our budget, but I know we are very lucky to even have a job in this economy so I don't want to get to fussy.
I can't for the life of me understand the thinking in DC, they say oh don't bother cutting this that or the other in the budget, it is just a drop in the bucket compared to the total spending. I don't know about your house but at our house it is the drips in the budget that kick our butt, wish our government would be as responsible as the American people are.

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