Monday, December 6, 2010

Lots of Carrots

Picked up 15 pounds of carrots this weekend from the market to work on, ours were a total flop didn't get a single carrot. I put the majority of the carrots in the dehydrator but saved 3 or 4 pounds to make baby food for the little girls. Thanks Teresa for your expert opinion on this super new kitchen tool!
Here is the scoop on the "Babycook" by Beaba, I picked mine up at Williams Sanoma a few weeks ago and finally found the time to make some baby food. The initial cost is a bit high $150.00 for the machine and the freezer tray runs $20.00, there are lots of other accessories and cookbooks that you can purchase but at this point I think the machine will do what we need. You can steam, puree and warm up using this one machine. Now I could have just steamed the veggies on the stove or rice steamer, then pureed using the food processor or blender and to warm up the food I could always use the stove but this is so much simpler!!! It took 15 minutes to steam the carrots, maybe 2 or 3 minutes to puree the cooked carrots and a few seconds to pour it all in the freezer tray. When we are ready to use a serving all we will have to do is pop a carrot cube in the machine and steam for 5 minutes, LOVE IT!!
Why the heck would I take this project on? With 2 babies in the family this year who will both be going through lots of baby food at $1.00 or more a jar. At some point they will be up to 3 or 4 jars each a day so that's $8.00 a day, for a year that's close to $3,000.00. With this little jewel we can make food in bulk for the girls when it is in season with no preservatives, sugar, additives or artificial coloring, nothing but whole fresh foods for our sweet little girls and super cheap, most veggies will come from our own garden or the market down the road. Score one for Nanny!!
The majority of the day was spent cleaning up from the weekend, the entire house was upside down. We were also without water for most of the day, they got it back on but it is only a trickle so no shower, laundry or dishwasher today washed dishes by hand which was not so bad, honesty is was a bit relaxing. Decorating for Christmas is messy business, wish it was all done but it will take a few more days to finish it all. We have WAY more decorations than we should have but so many things are family collections that we wouldn't want to give up, I will just keep plugging away. Temperature will dip down to 17 degrees tonight, gonna throw an extra blanket on the bed and call it a night.

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