Sunday, December 19, 2010

Grandbaby Time

Kara and Karsyn
Gingerbread houses with Tyler

Tyler's cozy mat
Wow an early post this week! We had Sunday dinner with the family Friday night along with Gingerbread house building. I can't remember the last time I had a Sunday morning when I wasn't busting butt in the kitchen by 7:00AM to get family dinner ready, this is sorta nice.
Rambo man has spent the weekend playing Santa's elf getting the grand babies Christmas gifts from us put together, he wanted to wait until Christmas Eve but I reminded him we are not as young as we use to be. Pulling an all nighter on Christmas Eve doing assembly work might not be a good idea. Took him most of the day to get it done, he now agrees get r done early was a good idea! Can't wait till Christmas morning, Tyler is gonna go nuts.
While Rambo man was working his magic I whipped up a cozy mat for Tyler (his words), nothing more than a bed egg crate thing ($12.94) folded in half then took a twin bed sheet ($19.50) and made a removable cover, I still have the top sheet I can make an additional cover with, maybe next week. I sent him a picture of it last night, he insists we bring it right over, might just jump in the car and head that way after a second cup of tea. I am gonna be on the look out next fall for egg crates and sheet sets on sale. Heather would like a few more for the media room when Tyler has his buddies over for movies. Super fast easy project to do but I should be able to do better on the price.
We get to spend the day being totally lazy and boring!!! Leftovers to eat, no projects to do, Christmas gifts are all wrapped, Christmas schedule is done. Gonna put on a pair of ugly sweat pants and work on stockings for the little girls and watch Christmas movies. Hope all of you are to the point that you can set back and really enjoy Christmas, so many good movies to watch, great food to eat and more blessings than we deserve at our house!!!!

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