Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Grounded today!

I grounded myself today!! I need to get a handle on all the messes I have around the house before the weekend so Nanny gave herself a time out. Made OK progress and plan on getting a little more done tonight before I hit the sack.

Christmas cards are totally done and setting on the hall table waiting to go the the post office on the next trip out. The last 11 cards seems like it took as long to make as the first 60 cards, why do I do this to myself? I always think I will get them done over the summer so I won't feel so squeezed for time but that never happens, at least I made my December 1st goal!!

Finished cleaning out my closet this morning, have a few bags ready to go to goodwill on my next trip out, lots of nice corporate clothes needed to go and a few things that have become a bit snug lately, hummm must be retaining water.

Closed the doors to the dinning room and called it good. I can't move the last two big pieces of furniture by myself, closing the door and not seeing the mess makes me feel some accomplishment.

Found one counter in the studio today, yepee!! Plan to get the other counter cleaned off in the morning and hit the sewing machine projects that need to go in the mail. If I figured right I can knock it out lickity split, durn hope I have the right color of thread, forgot to check.

Have had a fire blazing away in the wood stove today since I knew I would be home. I think our sweet little beagle has forgiven me for freezing her buns off yesterday. My nights from now until December 25th will be working on the baby girls stockings that I have been carrying around since July, I dread even opening the packages, sooooo much work. But the mantel won't be complete without them.

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