Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's a rap... well almost

An afternoon of wrapping and I am still not done, UGHHHHHH But at least I do know where the holes are, just as I figured one Daughter has been shorted. I picked up a couple of things tonight but need to finish when she gives me a few idea's. Still waiting for somethings to come in the mail we ordered on line, looks like Rambo Man will get to do some wrapping this weekend after all, I am over it. I need to move on to something I am making for our big girls, not hard work but I need to find the time to get it done.
The kids have thrown a monkey wrench in the plans for the weekend so Sunday dinner has been moved up to Friday night. Soooo tomorrow I will get the gingerbread baked and cut out so we can do our gingerbread houses Friday night. Have more candy to make tomorrow but I should be able to whip that out in no time. Then on to cookie baking, Rambo Man is gonna want a platter or two for sharing at work next week. We are expecting a small ice storm tonight and early in the morning if the power goes out I am in super big trouble, have no idea how to fire up the generator :(.
I will NOT get stressed!!! Headed to bed with a cup of hot Carmel apple cider and a good book. Looking forward to a full day in the kitchen with my little kitchen tree twinkling away tomorrow Christmas is a time of laughter and smiles gotta keep that in mind!!

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