Sunday, December 5, 2010

Decking the Halls

Our VERY favorite Christmas tree, the ortanments are from Rambo Mans Grandmother and Mother. I have been able to trace a few ortaments on the internet they are from 1930's. We use one of Mom's table cloths to cover the table and Grandma Morris side table cloths to wrap around the tree, I finish the tree with icicles just like they use to do. We know they are always with us but this tree helps us pass down traditions to our children and Grandchildren with somethig they can see and touch, well not much touching!!

We have had a busy, messy and COLD weekend, even got a little snow On Saturday!!! Have 6 trees decorated, only 2 more to go, wheee...... I will be glad when they are all done. Rambo man got the outside decorating finished today in the super cold weather, taking lots of break to come in for some Carmel apple cider and thaw out at the wood stove. Poor guy was working in the sleet and snow Saturday until I put my foot down and made him come in. Still have the Christmas village to work on this week and a few odds and ends then its time to set back and enjoy the season.
Finished doing the piece work on Kara's stocking, working on Karsyn's tonight, hope I will have the time to do the needle work and sequins before Christmas Eve but I refuse to make myself crazy at least they will have stockings, I can always work on them over the winter!!
We worked on our December calender a bit this morning, we are in total agreement to cut back on commitments this year, we both want to have more time at home to relax and truly enjoy family time. How crazy is it to dress up, fight traffic and go to holiday parties where everyone is afraid to use the words Merry Christmas, we just refuse to do it anymore, enough is enough.
Have a pot of chicken stock on the stove from Sunday dinners leftovers and an oven full of cast iron that needs to be reseasoned, I suck at keeping the cast iron seasoned, I decided to try using bacon dripping this time, hope it works better!

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