Thursday, December 2, 2010

Here We Go

Decided to start with the kitchen tree this year, that's where I spend most of my time so I get mine first seeing as how I end up putting up all of the tree's! Man decorating for Christmas is for the physically fit, which I am not. I spent most of the day rearranging furniture, taking furniture out and bringing in cartons and carton's of holiday cheer, still lots more to bring in but I am calling it a day.
The kitchen tree has Hallmark's "Nostalgic Houses and Shops" ornaments that Rambo Man started for me 27 years ago, LOVE it. Picking out ornaments are one of our favorite things to do each year together. Our children get an ortament in their stocking, that is it, nothing else, we really are trying to cut back! We started each of our married girls a collection their first year of marriage, unmarried Daughter and Grandbabies also recive an ortament that reminds us of them or whatever they are into at the time.

I worked on one of the babies Christmas stockings until 3:00 AM last night. I got in the groove and kept going, have 33 of 125 pieces sewn on, then I will go back and do the needle work lastly will be the beading and sequins. I could smack my sister for starting this tradition when our first daughter was born 33 years ago, durn things take forever to make and having two to do this year may be more than I will be able to handle but I will at least get the piece work done before Christmas may have to finish the rest after the holiday's.
Hope to get a bit more Christmas cheer done tomorrow if Kara will let me!

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