Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Family Heirloom

Our Nativity is one of the most precious heirlooms we have from Rambo Man's Mom and Dad. Ma and Dad Handy's neighbor made a ceramic piece of the Nativity for each of her neighbors for Christmas. The nativity is beautifully hand painted with loads of rhinestones, really and truly it is breathtaking. When Mrs. Denmark found out Rambo Man's Dad wouldn't make it for many more Christmas's she finished the 18 piece set for him and gave it to him for Christmas. Turns out that was his last Christmas, he passed away in March of the next year. She started the set for them in 1960 it was quickly finished for Christmas 1971. I use one of Ma's dinning room table cloths to set the Nativity on and of course we keep it far away from sweet little hands. We would both be broken hearted if a single piece were broken. Didn't get any more Christmas decorating done today but I did get a bit of shopping done and a few handmade gifts for friends knocked out, yaaa for me!
Got in the mood for a pot of stew today, with the temperature in the teens at nights and highs in the 30's with a super cold wind I wanted something warm and cozy. I have no idea how to cook a small pot of stew so I shared with our kids families and a friend who is always happy to have a home cooked meal, still have enough to last me a couple of more days we don't like potatoes frozen then rewarmed so I needed to spread the pot around a bit.
Lots of errands, UGH, a bit of coupon savings at CVS (spent $47.52 saved $54.95) and checking Santa's list. Sooo close to finishing up but Rambo man loves to Christmas shop so I have to hold off so he can help finish up. Also found a few interesting recipes surfing the net today, have you ever made marshmallows or how about peppermint bark? I found peppermint bark for $45.00 a pound, stuff must be super good, gonna give it a try next week, I think I have everything I need in the pantry, just need to find the time! Tomorrow I am gonna do my best to finish ALL of the decorating, dread putting up the Christmas village :(

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