Monday, May 27, 2013

A Day just for ME!!

 I can't think of a better way to spend a day all to myself than making Karsyn's picnic quilt.
 Keep it simple stupid was the name of the game today. I cut the cheater panel into 10 inch blocks then added coordinating prints from my stash. After adding two borders (also from the stash) she turned out to be a nice 55 X 55 inch quilt.
 The outer border is leftover backing from a quilt I made last year. Hanging on to all that excess fabric sometimes comes in pretty handy. A friend had given me a bolt of yellow strip 60 inch wide all weather fabric a year or two back that I used for the backing. I pieced leftover batting from my batting stash "Use it up or do without". This is a total top to bottom quilt that only cost the $5.99 for the cheater panel.
I need to clean up loose threads and add a tag to the back tomorrow then she will be ready for lots of picnic's and tea parties for Karsyn and her little friends. I ordered another cheater panel tonight to make Kara a picnic quilt just like Karsyn's. While I was cutting I went ahead and did all the cutting for Kara's quilt. I have fears the grand boys are going to want one of their own now!

I put my meal plan for tonight together with ME in mind today. Bake potatoes (microwave), leftover crusty bread, and home made ice cream was all I had to prepare. I had beef steaks, shrimp, and tuna steaks ready for the grill along with cold beers for the boys when they returned home from their ride today. Easy Peasy.

I can tell you after a FULL day of piecing and FMQ I am ready to hit the sack.Tomorrow will be a CLEAN the house day. What a mess after all this grilling, cookout's, family, and friends since last Thursday. My floors are as sticky as waffle house! Ha


  1. The quilt turned out beautiful! Love those days to myself.

  2. Thanks Debbie!!I think I have another day alone today, just me and my mop! Ha

  3. You're so clever Debby! The quilt looks fab.