Sunday, May 5, 2013

Rainy and Raw Day

 Kara and Karsyn enjoying a popcorn snack after a nice romp in the yard.
 Kara called this dress her "Sunshine" dress. Sandals and dresses are not something she needs to be playing in. Her little rump was showing all day long.
 I'm babysitting my neighbors asparagus patch this week while they are out of town. I could get use to this sorta babysitting!!!
 We are having a rainy cold day today, figured it was the perfect time to deep clean and declutter my closet.
 Play clothes
And everyday clothes for summer.

Everyone has been fussing over the wet cold weather that started yesterday and will last a couple of more days. Not me!! I am taking the rainy days to catch up on things I really should have done weeks ago. Today's project was my closet and all the master bathroom drawers/cabinets.

After a little (big) nap with AJ the beagle I moved on to clean and organise the hall closet. Next up tomorrow is the guest bath and two spare bedrooms. There is a chance hubby will be able to return home at the end of the week (Praying) Once he pulls in the drive it will be all hands on deck to get the yard and garden in shape for summer, what a hot mess. I have done what I can but so much of the work requires the heavy equipment that I just can't physically do :(.

I also hope to get a quilt quilted this week, the backing and quilt top are draped around the family room. Sticky little hands are sure to get ahold of them if I don't get the pin basting done!! Ha

DD#1's new trees we gifted them were planted Friday. A friend and I ran over this morning to check them out. What a disappointment :( the River Birch trunk is bent and only has one trunk instead of the three it should have. All three trees roots are showing above ground. DD doesn't want to call and complain, grrr You can bet as soon as they open in the morning I will be placing that call, the quality of the river birch is not acceptable and the planting is all wrong. For $380.00 they need to get it right. None of the tree's I had picked out were the ones planted. I had our name on the tag of each tree. Why do companies think it's OK to do stuff like this to people? Stinkers!!


  1. Debby, I am certain you would be the death of me if I were to follow you around all day. I was thinking I need to do another annual closet deep cleaning too. Love asparagus; a bit to go here for that.

  2. GREAt babysitting job!!!yummy too...