Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday Happenings

 Kara helped me finish up our "Won't You Be My Neighbor" Quilt yesterday. With help like hers I wouldn't get many quilts finished! Ha
 I am loving this quilt that will be for our home. I used scraps for all of the houses, borders and binding. The backing and white sashing I did have to purchase but of course on SALE!!
  Check out this video for the instructions to make one of your own. Jenny has TON"S of great tutorials for fast easy quilts.
I couldn't help myself this morning, I had to have just a little more play time with this quilt. I washed and dried it for the crinkle look I just love to pieces.

After Kara left yesterday I settled in on the couch to do the hand binding on our new quilt. We had clouds building over the lake that were looking very ugly so I turned on the weather channel.

My heart sank as I watched live feed of the tornado hitting Moore, OK. Hubby was in the garage rebuilding the motor on the lawn tractor, I made him come look at the footage. For the rest of the evening we were glued to the TV praying for the families and children in the path of this storm. Our hearts break for the loss of life, homes, business.....Yesterday, today, and always we are all neighbors. The families in OK need our prayers and help.

Here is one of our favorite charities, they are taking donations of any size for our neighbors in OK. There are so many places you can make a donation to help but please remember, give ONLY to reputable charities. Tragedies like this always bring out some of the worst in society that prey on the victims.


  1. Fabulous Debby....I just have to get into quilt making! Jenny makes it sound so easy!!
    So good to see Kara your little helper with you. Have you passed on any of your expertise to your daughters? If so looks like the third generation is starting to get interested in it too.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  2. I love that crinkle look too, Debby. What another sad disaster for OK; lots of prayers going there.

  3. That quilt is absolutely gorgeous! Almost makes me want to learn to quilt!