Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Happy Homemaker Day

 Ahh to have a full day at home with no interruptions for some elbow grease cleaning. While checking the mail I noticed our peony plant was blooming, aren't they pretty?
 The ongoing project for this week is to sort out hubby's closets. His homework tonight is to see what fits, he will still wear, or needs mending in his dress and business casual clothes now that he will be in the office for a few month's. I have to take this project in baby steps as hubby HATES sorting out his closet! Ha
 Most of today was spent with the little ones. DD#1 was volunteering in her old school for end of year testing, DD#3 had some errands and appointments to take care of. Being the smart Nanny that I am I went to DD#1 house for a change. I want my CLEAN floors to stay that way for at least 48 hours.
 Here is Karsyn's play area, (sometimes she will share with the boy's). Mommy and Daddy will be building it in with a walkway, wood chips and all this fall as they too have spent more than they should on spring fixer uppers. The tree by her house is a Crepe Myrtle Papaw and I had planted for her. Want to look around DD#1's playroom? It's fun to sometimes see how other Mommy's do the playrooms.
 How cute is this growth chart? It's a 1 x  10 board hubby bought for DD#1 and added a hanger to the back. She them stained it, added rub on numbers and used a Sharpe to make the marks so it would look like an old fashion wooden ruler. Our only 6 year old Tyler is already 5 feet tall!! He is going to be one BIG young man!
 Mommy #1 is a teacher, she was born a teacher!! All around the house she has learning charts and such for the kiddo's (even in the powder room just in case you don't know your shapes) The 3 clocks on the wall are set for the time each of her babies were born. Slack a.. Nanny still needs to cut out vinyl letters to put their names on each clock.
 The downstairs playroom is really the living room just inside the front door. The room is way too small to be a real living room, more like a sitting area if you ask me. It's the perfect size for a playroom, the french doors are an added bonus as they keep the noise level down. DD#1 is an English/Language arts Master teacher. No room would be complete without a table chairs and of course a place for favorite books. She rotates books on and off the shelves to keep the kids interested  in whats on display.
The shelving unit came from Ikea , love that store!! They will put a TV in the large opening when the kiddo's are older so they can use it as a chill room.

I was at DD#1 home by 7:45 this morning ready to take on the toddlers. I took along my hexi bag for some sewing time on the back porch in this beautiful weather. Well that didn't happen I can tell you!! All three of the toddlers were having no part in naps today. One of the MANY perks of being a Nanny and Papaw is we can leave the little darlings, tired and dirty for the Mommy's to deal with later in the day. Have you ever tried to wrestle 3 toddlers and get them in beds when the weather is so nice?  This old gal is way to old for that crap, I figured I would let them go until they dropped (didn't happen)

Home sweet home again. Today is bathroom cleaning day followed by mowing the lawn. After dinner tonight I can enjoy watching hubby do the weed eating as I sit on the deck with my feet up. AHHH to have him home for awhile (for the most part) Dinner tonight is pork chops with the rest of the leftovers from Monday's dinner. Homemade ice cream and fresh strawberries for a late night snack before hitting the sack where I will spend most of my night kicking or poking hubby to STOP snoring!! That is something I didn't miss!!!

I don't care what the experts and media says I LOVE being a home maker and I'm proud to tell the world


  1. I am having a day to myself, and another one tomorrow. I've been working so hard that I had to sit and take a short nap.

    I am also a homemaker and there is no point in trying to change it.

    Really liked this post, I like looking at real homes and this one is beautiful and creative.

  2. I absolutely love the wall ruler, I may make one and measure each of my Grands on their birthday's or some other special day. Enjoyed the tour of your DD home.

    I am a homemaker too and love it.

  3. Your daughters home is lovely! I love her ideas... just wonderful! And the clocks with the birth times!? Awesome on all levels!! :)