Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Garden Duty

 We have thankfully gotten to the point where I can begin planting the garden.
 Lots of mud involved from head to toe.
 With company like this who can complain?
 Karsyn and Mason Man were a wonderful distraction in the midst of all the work.
 Here is the front garden. Corn, okra, bell peppers, eggplant, yellow onions, cucumbers and beans. Oh my
24 tomato plants so far, we need to bump this up to at least 30.

Its been a very long hot day with more to do tomorrow but we are oh so close to the finish line. Just in time to start pulling weeds,grrrr

Hubby has a list a mile long that seems to keep growing. My list is almost complete. You might think it's because I am diligently working the plan. Na, it's so easy to move some of my stuff to hubby's list that I just can't help myself!

More yard/garden work
Begin baking/cooking for the weekend
Get the house cleaned for our weekend guests
Maybe a grocery store run
Head count for Saturday's cookout is up to 18. DD#1 has her In-laws in for the weekend that might stop by for desert later in the day that's an additional 7 for desert. Please oh please don't let it rain!!!!

Do you have plans for Memorial Day weekend? Looks like we will just hang around the house eating and merry making, maybe a ride in the mountains Sunday while the race traffic isn't so darn bad. Lots and Lots of kitchen duty coming up for me.


  1. You have me itching to get my garden started! Adorable grands you've got there - fun distractions, I'm sure. :-) enjoy your weekend and I hope you get that mountain ride!

  2. Thanks for the reminder to p/u pepper plants; too cold here to plant yet. Rain damp and cold. Nice you have Hubby home to help with this stuff.

  3. WOW! The garden looks wonderful! So glad your hubby is nice to have a man around the house:)