Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Surprise Play Date

 While at to breakfast this morning with some friends the grands surprised me with a play date. The Mommy's needed to get the kiddo's out of the house for a good run after so darn many rainy days.
 I have been trying for weeks to get a photo of this Mama bird feeding her babies for weeks. Spring, such a wonderful time of the year!!!
After the toddlers left I got started on the "Won't you be my Neighbor " Quilt

Talk about an unexpected surprise this morning when I returned home to find the grands romping in the yard. Since I was unaware they were coming the Mommy's had to scramble to pick up all the scissors, pins, and needles around the house. Thank goodness I finished pinning the quilt yesterday as six little feet would have made a muddy mess of things.

This is the second day in a roll that I have had unannounced play dates! Ha No wonder I can't get my durn list completed. Hubby told me this morning he was headed home Saturday to arrive Wednesday or Thursday next week (he will not fly, only drives). I shared the news with the big girls this morning only to be told "No he will be in sometime this Friday" Humm, DD#1 gave DD#3 the "look" Might be he is planning on surprising me Friday. Time to get it in full gear just in case.

After hearing this news I changed my plans to quilt all day. I am going to the one bobbin rule so I can get a few more odd's and end's cleaned up. Mopping the floors will have to be a last minute chore as I never know who or how many little ones will show up and wonder around with a sippy cup or worse the STUPID juice boxes!!!

I'm so excited to finally (hopefully) have my other half back!!!!


  1. Is that a bird feeder? or a nest?

    Oh my word it's so cute :)

    And LOVE the quilt, as always.

  2. Happy quilting, Debby!! :) It looks like a great quilt! I need to find a free motion foot for my machine so I can "branch out" and get creative instead of the "same old". Any tips for me on choosing machine feet??

  3. I have lots of little visitors at my home too- no juice boxes allowed here either. One squeeze and what a mess!

    Pretty quilt!