Thursday, May 30, 2013

For The Love of T Shirts

 Here are hubby's T shirts before I had him declutter last night. That's 93 T shirts in all ladies!!
Yep my man has a thing for T shirts.
 38 polo shirts before decluttering. Way more than any one man should need.
 His winter clothes and coats after decluttering, grr. It's hard to see but these are double hanging closets, the coats on the bottom don't show up well. Wanta take a guess at how many denim shirts he has? Our girls say 1 denim shirt is too many. Hubby has 19 left after decluttering. sigh
He made a big dent in his polo shirts last night but not nearly as well on the durn T shirts. From this closet alone I took 2 garbage bags of shirts to Goodwill this morning. What the heck it's a start.

Tonight's homework for hubby is to declutter his dress clothes and slacks. I moved them all over to his side of the bed so he can't crawl in until the job is done. He tried to sweet talk me this morning with a promise to cut down an apple tree that is dead as a door nail, not a pretty sight in the back yard. I'm gonna take him up on the tree removal but I won't let up on the decluttering. It's not often I have him around the house for this many weeks. It's now or never. Last night he reminded me when he retires in just three short years (crap) we will have all the time in the world to declutter, we should just wait until then. Good try but I'm not buying into it!

Once He is finished with his closets I will have a go at them when he is not around. I know for a fact there are shirts with holes in them that he snuck back in. If you have been following this blog for very long you might remember I made hubby a Harley T shirt quilt with 45 shirts in it last year or the year before. I have threatened him with a kitchen boycott if he doesn't give up his Harley T shirt addiction. Wonder if my man will be the only one wheeled into the nursing home wearing a Harley Tee? grr

Kara is down for a nap (thank you Lord) Hubby is meeting with a sleep specialist ( HUGE thank you Lord) AJ the beagle is snoring on the couch. Life is good!!!

I'm headed to the kitchen to make Gill's Strawberry-Banana Bread for desert tonight, yum!! I need to use up more of our canned/dehydrated food from last summer before the canning for this year gets going again. Supper tonight
Mash potato's
Last of the asparagus
Dehydrated Lima beans
bread and butter pickles


  1. How big is his closet?? And I thought, my husband has too much clothes :) I love that you threatened him a kitchen boycott :)

    1. he has 2 full closets that are both double hung. I have one whittled down to winter clothes only at this point. I won't give up yet!! Ha

  2. Wow, a man to rival any woman for clothes!! 93 is an unbelievable amount of t shirts!!

    1. I know right!! Every project he finishes always has a tee, each harley shop visited has a tee, benifit rides have tee's. It never ends

  3. Oh- When you are done there- could you please come over and help MyHero work on HIS closet? It is driving me nuts!!!! xo Diana

  4. I hear ya Diana!! Closets now, garage later!!