Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ain't She Purdy!!

 Check out my Mothers Day gift from hubby!!! Many of my GF are into estate, garage, junk yard and all that jazz sales. They meet each Saturday morning to hit the trail for cool vintage stuff. As much fun as I know I would have I DON"T need any more stuff in our home so I don't tag along!!!! One thing however I have been on the lookout for is a treadle sewing machine that works. I haven't been able to find any in good working order under $500.00, way out of my budget. Last weekend one of my GF's ran into this PURDY gal for $100.00!!! Seeing as how hubby was still out of town, the price was right, and he too has been looking for this machine on his travels all over this great country I wasn't going to pass her up! We picked her up today (can I say heavy) she is a beauty for sure. The lady we got her from grandmother was still sewing on it up until she moved to the nursing home a few years back. I can't wait to have the time to do some playing!!!
 Another day, another play date! Ha  Kara in the play house
 Karsyn on the front end loader.
 Karsyn's new thing.
Me - "Karsyn what do you want to do?"
Karsyn - "Let me tink"
 Mason and his Papaw!!
While hubby was on weed eater duty after the grands left I had the job of trimming trees. Holy Hannah my arms are not use to such a workout.

Hubby has worked like a dog today on his "To Do" list all the while whistling while he worked. Has anybody else noticed not many men these days whistle? My hubby does, I always know where he is by his whistle. We have TONS more work to do but with the next two weeks off we are going to try and pace ourselves. The front yard already looks a million times better. Ahh this man of mine.

Tonight we are meeting up with friends to decide if we should try to make the trip to bike week over the weekend. Leaving town for me throws the entire family off. They scramble to figure out what to do with no free babysitter, AJ the beagle of course needs care, Sunday dinner is off. This would be an unplanned trip, as in not on the vacation fund budget. We do however have tons of motel rewards points so lodging would be free, it's a short 4 hour drive so gas wouldn't be too much. If we go on the bike it's super cheap but there is always the problem of weather if we don't have the car as a back-up. I could care less one way or the other, nothing better to me than being at home with my absentee hubby! Ha

On tomorrow's list
Hubby - begins tilling the garden
Hubby - will try and fix SIL#2 truck window
Hubby - Get Jeep inspected. The tag expired at the end of April but I can't drive a stick shift :(
Hubby - More weed eating
Me - DD#1 kiddo's at her house while they nap (I hope)
Me - cut back the herb garden
Me - clear out the strawberry bed
Me - clean our Adirondack chairs
Me - Maybe can pickled asparagus
Me - all the regular work

That should fill a day don't you think?


  1. That machine is absolutely gorgeous! I have an old Singer table and treadle, but the machine is long gone from it. I've been thinking about fixing it up to set my existing sewing machine on.

    1. I have seen that done before, really cool looking

  2. It is *BEAUTIFUL*!!! :) My mom has one of those as well!! I remember thinking, they used to have to PUSH THE PEDAL!? hahaha!!

    It sounds like you have a busy day ahead of ya! Get some rest!! ;)

    1. Maybe all that pedal pushing will tone my legs! Ha

  3. Oh, what a great find for a steal of a price! And I bet it has so much history in it!!

  4. She is wonderful and beautiful! Good for you to own her. I have my grandmother's treadle, but not in working order. Maybe I'll get her going one day.

    1. A store out of Ohio "Lehman's" sells parts that should work for the machines, Now I need to find a manual to figure everything out! Ha

  5. Arent you a lucky girl Debby? that machine is gorgeous XX

  6. Lehman is my Mother's Maiden name. How nice to have hubby back home !!! whoopee !!! I need a week or so of mine being home.

  7. Wonderful machine AND wonderful hubby!!!!! enjoy!!