Saturday, May 18, 2013


 Between rain showers today I began planting in our raised beds. I decided to use the raised bed for different things this year in hopes that I am rotating correctly.Time will tell. Yellow squash in this bed.
 Sweet potato's
 Herb bed. Just realized I didn't take a photo of the carrot/jalapeno raised bed :(
My evenings this week have been filled with Hexie blocks. It's nice to end the day with something that doesn't take any lifting or digging! Ha

It is AMAZING how much I can get done when none of the Grands are around!!! I love them to death but they do wear me out. Hubby and his Harley buddy's arrived safely yesterday at the Rally and thankfully didn't run into rain. Not sure they will be so lucky tomorrow as we have a 60% chance :( I hope the rain will hold off until I can get the lawn mowed for the second time this week, it's hard to keep up with it in the spring.

I have more planting to do as well tomorrow. This go round will be in the traditional garden close to the house. Corn, green peppers, onions and cucumbers are going in this area. The back garden is for tomato's. I have a few more things I might plant here and there later if there is enough room but for us these are the basics we eat on a daily bases year round.

Off for a little more yard planning. I want/need a bed for asparagus if hubby is up to it. A spot to transplant lavender as it has outgrown the area in the garden. Hopefully I didn't kill it all when I pruned it back. I also want to put in roses along one side of our house out front. When hubby is on the road that side of the house turns into a weedy mess. I am thinking a rose bed would be low maintenance and solve the problem. We have so many other projects still to finish not sure hubby will be in the mood to once again wrestle the tiller! Ha


  1. Love your hexies!! Yes, and anything not including lifting or digging is a good way to end the day! haha!!

  2. I will get our first peas in a few days :) We've been getting rain after rain here too. It's kind of nice to cool down a little bit from the heat we had last week but I really want to work on my garden too, and it's just too wet outside :(

  3. Our veg and the fruit too are coming along nicely.Ours are in tubs or raised beds and I think that is the best way to grow them.Hope you get bumper crops Debby!