Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hard Labor!!

 This is the pitiful shape the garden was in when hubby and I started. It had not been hit with the weed eater since last fall when hubby was home for a long weekend.
 The herb bed was so overgrown the plants were choking each other out.
 The little girls wanted so badly to help Papaw with the tilling and digging. Kara is pointing at me saying "Go Home Nanny" They like having Papaw all to themselves!
 The girls helped me transplant some of the herbs into containers.  The Mint looks like it will be fine.
 The Thyme seems to be settling in OK.
 Oop's the Mint again
 Oregano might be a lost cause.
 The back garden is now ready for Tomato plants.
 The front garden will house all the rest. Lots of planting for me this weekend.
Karsyn is such a Diva. "Push harder Karalee"

Ever part of my body is screaming STOP already!! Ha Hubby is also feeling the effects of all this hard labor, but ever so slowly we are getting things back in order. We are lucky that we live in a zone that has a long growing season but I don't think we will have any of our own home grown tomatoes for fathers Day dinner this year :(

All the work we have to catch up on is challenging enough, add these toddlers to the mix and it's survival of the fittest and that ain't us I can assure you!! The little ones keep running along as we can barely drag our old butts to the bed each night. Last night hubby couldn't take the heat one more night so the air conditioner went on. What a nice relief at the end of the day today. I really wanted to hold out until June 1st but it was 82 degrees in our room last night at midnight. That's just too crazy hot to get a good nights sleep.

Hubby is off tomorrow on the road trip to bike week. I decided it was just to much turmoil for the entire family for me to tag along. Walking around looking at Harley parts, chrome, and ladies mud wrestling is just not my cup of tea!!!

My weekend plans are to begin totaling up the damage done to the budget from the too many trips to the local home improvement store. I hope to get at least the raised beds planted as soon as I finish weeding the last two beds. I HAVE to finish the durn quilt that is still setting on the kitchen table and do some cleanup around the interior of the house. While hubby sits in his recliner each night I have been working on hexi blocks, it's nice to relax after a long day with some hand sewing for a change.

Is anyone else getting their garden in so late in the season? I hate that we missed out on cabbage and broccoli this year but all I can do is what I can do when I am the lone ranger so much of the time.


  1. Looks like a busy day! "Go home nanny!" ROTFL!!! Bossy little thing eh? ;) hehe!! I can't say I blame you on passing on the road trip this time... ;)

  2. You can come visit my house next, lol!

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