Thursday, May 9, 2013


 The little girls enjoyed their breakfast of sausage, egg, biscuits this morning outside. Easy clean up!!
 Then they were off to play on the new see-saw I picked up this week. On sale BTW!! Mason man figured out a way to get in on the act. Ha
 How funny is this, the little girls stayed busy a good long time on spring cleaning of the playhouse. Wish I could say the same :(
 Lunch was a picnic on our beach quilt after they talked me into moving the playhouse closer to the house. Holy cow what a job!!!
This quilt may never be completed. I have maybe 3 more hours of quilting to do but by the end of the day getting bossed around by the toddlers I am worn out!!!!

All plans and "To Do's" have gone out the window this week as I have had the little grands each and everyday! Ha. I did do a top to bottom clean of the powder room last night between short rests on the couch. AJ the beagle is having trouble keeping up as well. Durn dog is always sneaking behind my back to catch a nap away from the grands when I am not looking.

I must say all this eating outside has cut down a whole heck of a lot on the sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping!!

I have Kara for the next 3 days, holy cow Lord give me strength. DD#1 and her family are having a short getaway over the weekend so maybe I will be able to keep up with Kara on her own and still have a few brain cells left at the end of the day to get some things completed before Sunday dinner.

Hubby is all packed and ready to hit the road home Saturday morning, by mid week I will once again be a REAL married lady! The last two projects have been so darn hard on us both. The little ones are growing up to fast, hubby is sick he is missing out on this wonderful time with them. Me...I miss him something awful and an extra pair of hands will be a welcome relief!!!!


  1. Kara will keep you on your toes. I moved our playhouse. Then the grands played hopscotch on the lines left.

    Safe travels for your husband

  2. They always look like they have soo much fun!! :) So glad hubby will be home where he belongs soon!!

  3. What joys....your little ones are soo precious playing in the yard on your quilt in front of the play house...