Friday, May 3, 2013

End of Month Roundup

The 52 week challenge envelope continues to grow. A whopping $680.00 Is tucked inside

Savings update.
Vacation/Christmas account - $3,207.85
EF - $1,923.12
Slush fund - $680.75
HSA - $2,100.00
Some frugal fun at CVS last week. Total spent $5.77, total saved $57.30 in addition I have $2.00 in rewards points to play with later.

I didn't save what I had planned on in April due to MY overspending on the big and little kiddo's :( I will have to be better in May. I know our spending increases over the summer and when/if hubby EVER returns there will be lots of things being done around the house and yard that takes some hard cash. I haven't had the time to run the numbers yet as things are so darn busy right now but that job will be on project mood come Monday morning. I have Kara until then, toddlers and financial planning don't go well together!!

We are on track to meet the maximum contributions for our 401K and HSA this year. I had thought I might have calculated the numbers wrong at the beginning of the year but after finally getting hubby to pull his payroll stub I see I did do it right after all! Wheeee. The 401K account is always tricky business as our contribution is based on a percentage of hubby's income. While his base pay is always the same, with project bonuses (rare in this economy) overtime and whatever else, his take home check varies many times. By the end of the year for the most part we hit the maximum contributions thus freeing up extra money just in time for the fall/Christmas season. This year I WILL do better if and when we hit that threshold. The extra money each payday will be going into one or more of the savings funds we have set up instead of just dripping away in the checking account. Note to self, KEEP UP all year!!!

Off to pick up busy Ms. Kara for a full day of running and playing. We have had so much darn rain over the last week with more forcasted for the next 4 days that our yard is a wet/muddy mess. Mud and muck doesn't bother me. I would rather have a toddler running wild in the yard than the house!! After all that's what the washing machine is for right?


  1. well done you, I only have a couple hundred in my pot, as I have completed all the little weeks first.

    Enjoy your day with Ms. Kara.


  2. You've done amazingly well with the roundup, goodness, over $600 is very good :)

    I should start that now and get some money together before we get out.

    Have a wonderful Friday :)

  3. Well done with your savings!! :) Our Christmas fund is almost full too! So excited there! I think we'll be able to double our savings there so hubby & I can perhaps buy each other something special as well! :)


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