Sunday, March 9, 2014

House Guests

Long time no blog..Ya I know. Things have been pretty crazy for the past few days. I have been working on the "Firecracker" blocks off and on. More off than on lately.
Just a small pile of blocks left to assemble when I can find the time
I have 101 projects going right now but I needed to get busy on yet one more charity item that I will be doing with a fun group of ladies in the very near future. I can't very well host the shindig if I have never tried the main item a "No Sew Tie Blanket" I hit one of the big box stores this morning to pick up the fleece. So far so good. Figured I could do the tieing (is that a word?) tonight while relaxing with something dumb on TV. That plan was changed!!
When DD#3 arrived home from work last night she was greeted by these sweet little girls in her back yard. Some LOW LIFE had opened her privacy fence gate to throw these poor babies out. :) She called animal rescue but they were closed for the weekend, the call was passed on to animal control. No problem they were going to pick up the babies sometime today. DD feed and watered them, let Kara have some play time then tucked them in for the night in the backyard.
We thought the problem was solved until I was sharing what had happened with another friend. She informed me our animal shelter and animal control put the little fellas down if they were not adopted in 7 days!!! Holy crap, we couldn't let that happen. My friend had connections with a group that foster dogs and cats until they can be adopted. DD dropped the babies off with her this morning so she could make the arrangements. As things go the best layed plans don't always work out. The girls are now with me where they will stay until we find a good home for them. They have made themselves at home on the sofa with their new toys.

While AJ the beagle showed the new girls around the house and yard I got busy working on my first ever tie blanket. After a day like today I was looking forward for something relaxing to do tonight.

We were having a pot luck cookout for Sunday dinner at DD#1's home today thank goodness since our house is upside down and wrong side out. I left the back door open since it was 77 degrees today so the babies could come and go as they pleased (hoping they wouldn't GO in the house) AJ the beagle meet me at the front door as always when I returned home, where are the babies? Well they had somehow gotten onto the kitchen table and were snuggled up together on the tie quilt I had layed out. Oh My!!

What a day it has been!! While I was out and about trying to pull together ideas/plans for our group charity project my GF called needing help with the puppies. They couldn't go into a foster home until they had been checked to see if they had a micro chip, she couldn't load them both up for a trip to the vet with no collars or leashes. Hey I am on the road I will stop by a big box store and hook them up with puppy supplies, collars, leashes, chew toy, minky blankets, and puppy chow. Puppies are not cheap but we wanted them to have a good start in their foster home.

My GF was getting her grand daughter for the day, the foster family deal had not worked out yet. What the heck I will take them home for a nice oatmeal/flea bath so they will smell as sweet as they look when they go to their new home. The little buggers are now piled on top of each other sound asleep on my lap.

Now that they have taken over our house we have had to rethink the "Low Life's" that threw their babies away. These little girls have had good care, even the vet thought they looked really good for rescue puppies. They LOVE to give kisses, when its time for a nap they are looking for a lap or the sofa having the NERVE to pull AJ's quilt off the back of the sofa. Humm When I gave them their new chew toys they were running around me in circles so excited, no doubt these puppies have had toys in their past. They have no fear of house sounds except the TV!! They both freaked out a little when we settled in for the night, they couldn't keep their eyes off what was going on. So cute to see them turn their heads trying to figure it out, jumping on my lap to get a better look in a safe place. Whoever had them before didn't have a TV

We think there is a really good chance some family out in the world could no longer care for these puppies. They were looking for someplace safe to place their babies. DD#3 has a nice fenced yard with a dog run and huge dog house. The "Low Life's" are very likely mourning the loss of puppies they have cared for over the past few months, so sad :(  We will never know the why' of it all but they did pick the right family for sure!!

While I can not have more dogs as it's hard enough to travel and such with AJ already, these little girls will be safe, happy and loved until we find their forever home.


  1. Oh, you are soooo sweet! Those puppies are adorable and I'm happy that you will find them a good home. It does make one kind of sad to think someone gave them up, after loving them so well. :((

  2. Those puppies are adorable! In case you haven't been told today, Debby.. you're AWESOME! <3

  3. Those are sweet puppies and especially blessed to of found your home. Their blue eyes are beautiful.

    But on the dining table ? Oh my!

  4. You are absolutely an angel:) I love reading your blog so much because you inspire me to be a better person....thanks!

  5. Love those sweet little girls. People are so cruel, and irresponsible breeders just as bad. You are sew busy ... sorry I haven't dropped in for a bit myself as I also seem to be busier as each day passes.

  6. You truly do show everyone that you understand the meaning of "Pay It Forward." Many blessings to you!