Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Scraps Make a Mess

 The sewing room is once again upside down. Sometimes it feels like I spend as much time cleaning up as I do getting anything done.
 Trying something new for now by pulling all of the dot fabrics for a home of their own. I do love me some poka dots.
 Most of the fabric is wrapped and back in place. All this scrap/stash sewing is not whittling fabric down as fast as I would like
DD#1 media room pillows have new slipcovers, only kitchen window treatments left on her Mommy To Do list.

My sewing room was a mess after pulling scraps and stash last month. I had hoped it might look like I had made a good dent in it all but..Na, lot even close :(

Since everything was upside down anyway I figured I would try to tweak some of the organizing I had going on. After two days of work it looks worse now than when I started. I do however see a light at the end of the tunnel. I almost have a handle on all of the magazines and patterns. The scraps are back in there rightful tubs. The majority of fabric has been wrapped an tucked back in place. I sat last night for FOUR and a HALF hours to cleaned up the PC embroidery files.

My plan for tomorrow is to concentrate all day on the sewing room, I might not get it all done but by golly I am going to stick with it. I think the only way to make a good dent in all the fabric is to get going on some quilt tops. I pulled out a few scrappy patterns that just might help some. Hope to also start working on a new charity sewing project using only what I have on hand.

Thinking about even walking in a fabric store right now turns my stomach. I MUST recover quickly as we have our GF mountain trip coming up at the end of the month. There is such a sweet quilt store there that I would like to take a peek in :)

The other downfall I have found is patterns! Oh my. Many/most are from magazines or online quilt alongs. Oh ya, and books, sew many sewing books with pages tagged of must do's that haven't been done. Fat quarters....I have a plan for you too!!

Please tell me I am not the only one that is being overrun by fabric and patterns!!


  1. You are not the only one. My scraps have multiplied and replenished the earth! Sewing with scraps doesn't use them up, it simply makes more. No matter how much I use up there is still more, and more, and MORE! I keep thinking that when I have some grandchildren I'll use it up. Probably not, but it's nice to dream. Keep sewing!

  2. My name is Debby, and I'm a fabricoholic, right? :) At least you create a mess doing something you enjoy :)

  3. Oh- I have WAY too much fabric and I bet I have well over 100 patterns! I have too many scraps to count..and like the gal above I, too, am a fabricoholic. Your craft room is looking GREAT!!!! xoDiana

  4. I have plenty too, mine are in big storage tubs on a giant shelving unit. I wish they were stored more stylishly but I am thankful for a big stash and that I usually already have the supplies for so many projects.

  5. When I tell my husband that I am serious about UWIH (Using What I Have) and that I have been using only fabric from my "collection", he shakes his head in disbelief. So I finally told him to picture a large plate of spaghetti -- when you eat 2 strands of spaghetti, you do not notice that the amount on the plate is diminished. So when I make a whole stack of doll clothes, I am using what I have, but I would have to use up a great deal to make a noticeable difference. Yeah,I'm losing it.