Sunday, March 16, 2014

Budget Busters

 This king size cuddle blanket was on sale for 19.99. Figured it would be perfect to cut up then hem for Project Night Night blankets. End result will be 4 nice size blankets just as soon as I get those hems done.
 This little pile of fleece fabric was my first attempt of shopping for and making fleece blakets. I now know I overpaid for this fabric. Lesson learned.
 Next shopping trip for fleece was much cheaper with the wonderful help the ladies at the big box store gave me. Sales and rements was the way to go!! They helped me find fleece on sale for $1.99 a yard. I bought the entire bolts, well what was left on them I should say.
 Another day another shopping blowout. More rements and $1.99 yard clearance fabric.
 The Night Night totes have arrived
 First round of stuffed animals and books for the Night Night totes from Kholes at $5.00 each.
 One thing always tends to lead to another. The foster doggie parents ask if I could donate to their new forever family bags. Yep. Here is the start, fleece blankets at $1.99 a yard.
 Sitting in the evening while watching the news regarding those poor people missing from the plane gave my hands something to do rather than shoving cookies in my mouth.
 A trip to the Dollar store to purchase doggie treats and rawhide bones rounded out the forever family doggie goodie bags
 20 doggie goddie bags were delivered Friday afternoon for Saturdays adoption fair. After working the math out each bag ran right at $3.00 each. Finding that fleece on sale was the key to keeping the cost down!! Oh ya and the dollar store!
Lets pretend this photo is not here, for the life of me I can't get it to go away!

Friday was bill paying, budget reviewing in the morning. There was too much spending! Where did all that extra money go? I think you know already!! Ha. I was feeling a little guilty over how much extra I was over but after talking to hubby about it the guilt flew right out the window. He was happy that some of the OT he was working so hard for went to some worthy charities. That is as soon as I complete all of the work with these piles of fabric!!

The spring is back in my step now that I realized the extra money that was targeted for savings wasn't wasted after all. When I went to make the transfer to savings Friday morning I was feeling a little low. I had not meet my savings goal :( I didn't think I had done any needless dumb spending but...I had not meet my personal goal.

You see around our house giving to charity is not something we do if we happen to have a little extra, it's figured in the budget. Not on a month to month basis but on a yearly budget.  We don't belong to a local church to donate 10% too each week but I know the total for the year that we would be giving. The 10% and more most years is spent on charities that are near and dear to our heart. I also have the flexibility to do other donations when they come up or when I get a Hair up my Rump as has happened for the past few months. Most of the giving has been to the local nursing home using scrap/stash fabric, cost has been ZERO. That is until the past two weeks!!

We will be having a rainy cold day today, maybe even some sleet or freezing rain, wanna guess what I will be doing? Yep no sew tie quilts for homeless children and doggies. Some GF and I were going to try to get together tonight to begin our "Sunday Night Night" but too MANY of them have taken off for the beach. I decided yesterday that if the weather is bad the few GF's that are in town need to stay at home. No need to get out in bad weather. I know we will get our charity Sunday evenings going when we can.

Now let me warn any of you who want to make nasty comments about what we have spent lately on charity. I WILL delete those comments. Hubby and I know we are blessed. If we choose to spend our money on those who have less than we do or nothing in some cases it's our business. We are FIRM BELIEVERS in that "for those who are given much, much is expected" We give generously with a happy heart. We feel privileged to be able to give. I know for some of you just keeping the lights on and food on the table is all you can financially do. However we can ALL GIVE something. Maybe and extra roll of TP to the food pantry that is on sale. Volunteering your time with a charity that speaks to your heart cost nothing. Just BE NICE to someone you don't know that could use a smile or kind word!!!!

Hope everyone has a great Sunday, I will be tied up all day! Ha


  1. I fail to see how anyone could find fault with your generosity. You find causes to help. How can you fault doing good. Keep up the good work. I admire all your energy and drive. You are being a good example.

  2. LOL, you mean people talk ugly to you for doing charity work???? smh I Love your ideas and love the doggy bags!

  3. Debby, I love you. Truly. I admire & look up to you so much... You are truly a "Proverbs 31" woman! If anyone dares says anything about you, I'll be the first in line to kick their rump! ;) Have a wonderful day!!!

  4. You are one nice lady blessed with a gem of a mate.