Monday, March 31, 2014

Sunday Progress

Figured what the heck while I was messing around I might as well knock another embroidery design for the little girls summer tops out. They passed the Karsyn test tonight, little Mason wants a "Lellow one" Lellow is his very favorite color
One of the many things on my way past time to do list is to get our 2014 calendars updated. One pile completed, time to move on
DD#3's Baby boy nursery is Under the Sea themed. Rather that waste money on decorations that would be thrown away after the shower today we went with Sea themed stuffed toys he and Kara can play with. It was all so cute.
Word of the day, AWWWW grand baby boy has WAY too many newborn clothes!! DD will spend some time this week looking over his wardrobe so we know what all needs to be returned for a larger size. I would HATE too see all these sweet things go to waste.
After the shower I stopped by DD#1's home to see how the breakfast room window treatments look now that she has them hung. She loves them! Thank goodness! We measured for the hem on the kitchen and office curtains tonight. Something extra on my to do list for the week. sigh

Where did the day go???? I have very few things I can mark off the list. :( Popsicle designs for the little girls summer shirts, family calender is complete and my personal calender is well on its way to completion, two more hours tops I think. Of course DD#1 gave me 3 more have to be done this week projects that will have to be worked in, oh my.

So here is what is on my mind tonight that I just can't keep in. Has anyone seen the new commercial for "Red Robin Restaurant"? A Mom is standing in the restaurant with two little girls sharing how much she loves the food. At one point she covers the little girls ears while she says the food is "Damn good" Later the word she uses is BLEEPED out. I am mad as a hornet. This is the most disgusting commercial I have ever seen. Does this company really think that any family in their right mind would be inspired to have a family night out in their restaurant after they see that commercial? Haven't seen it yet? Here is the link


  1. I saw the commercial this weekend and gasped. Not sure which one is worse. The Christmas ad for men's undies with the bells or this one.

    I'm with Mason. Love the Lellow one too!

  2. No, I haven't seen this commercial yet, and I'm glad I didn't!