Monday, March 24, 2014

Girl Time

 How cool is this rolling cart one of my GF's uses to tote her scrapbooking supplies in. This handy too have cart sure made unloading her car a whole lot easier, after several cart fulls of course.
 I attempted to do some quilt piecework yesterday but couldn't focus on the pattern with all the talking and laughing. Instead I worked on my long list of want to do embroidery designs.
 Some will go on bibs
 Others on Tee shirts for the little girls
We ended the evening with homemade chicken pot pies, yummm. Everything taste better when someone else does the cooking.

We have arrived safely to our cabin hideaway for the next few days. Not enough sleeping, too much eating, and we are working diligently on more laugh lines to show our true age. Our plan for yesterday was nothing, we didn't even bother to dress. Our plan for today...nothing, however it is time for all of us to work on some personal hygiene! Ha

Off to the shower in hopes that my GF will be inspire too clean themselves up a bit today


  1. everything looks wonderful, have a super time.

  2. These are darling designs:) You totally need to start your own business!