Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Frozen Sale

 Our trees should be close to being in full bloom by now. Full frozen with ice is what we woke up to this morning instead!
 Very pretty but BURRRR

 I got a tip that one of the big box stores just North of us had a blow out sale on Plush 50 x 60 throws. Instead of a hot sale I consider this a frozen sale. Holy cow I ran into heavy sleet and frozen rain 10 miles north of home. You can bet I was in and outta there fast as could be. Regular price $24.99 sale price? $5.99!!!! These are perfect for Project Night Night bags!!
While out and about I hit the remnet basket for doggie fleece blanket fabric. A friend wants to make some to donate but didn't have the funds.... sigh. The cost per bundle was $1.00-$2.00. Today is a great day to stay in the house working with this warm cuddly fabric.

Well the charity spending continues but no way could I pass up a deal like the one on the throws!! I can't make a blanket for that price!! I am VERY close to having everything needed to put together 20 Project Night Night bags, woohooo!!!

After running around on GRRRRR errands this morning I am finally back home ready to snuggle in working on doggies blankets. Goal for next month is 20 care packages for one of our local shelters all done on a shoestring budget. Interested in helping with a program like this? Check out "Snuggles Project"

Off for an afternoon snack (maybe a nap) then a DVD for evening entertainment now that I know how to turn on the DVD player!! Ha


  1. Everything is frozen here too :( Definitely ready for some true spring weather, enough with this tease...

  2. Oh- We are frozen here, too. I am despairing that Spring will never come! Glad you figured out the DVR. xo Diana