Friday, March 28, 2014

Back in the Saddle

 My GF's stepped in to help me complete 7 more Project Night Night blankets while we were away. I didn't have to twist their arms at all as it was so darn COLD working on one of these blankets was a cozy project to do.
 One of my buddies brought along her DD's new sewing machine to see what she would do and to brush up on her sewing skills from 30 years ago. She was so excited to finish this Game Cocks tote along with a few other projects that had been tucked away in her craft supplies. BTW we started this tote at 11:00 pm. Needless to say we were not watching the clock while on vacation!!
AJ the beagle was mighty glad when Mama got home, she may just sleep for a week! Ha

Ahhh vacation, we ate too much, slept very little, and laughed until our sides hurt. I now need a vacation from my vacation!!! Of course it was hit the ground running as soon as I parked the car in the driveway Wednesday afternoon.

We had a great time seeing some sights, crafting, eating, watching a little Downton Abby, and freezing our rumps off. Holy Moly was it ever cold, we even had a day of spitting snow along with gale force winds. We might move our mountain weekend to April next year as we all agreed March has been brutally cold for the last few years.

Another thing we agreed on was to STOP bringing so many project to do. Packing and unpacking of our cars is crazy, we all always bring WAY more than we need. I had thought I would piece some of the many WIP quilts I have going. Didn't happen! I realized pretty quickly I need to concentrate when I am piecing quilts. That's where the embroidery machine can in handy. I was able to get a ton of designs stitched out for the little girls and some gifts for later this year. Now if I can just remember where I stash them I will be all set.

Today brings more catching up, hanging out with Kara, finishing up some last minute details for DD#3's baby shower, last but not least staying awake long enough to finish the pile of bibs DD#1 needs for an additional baby shower next week. Even with a To Do list a mile long it sure is nice to be back home

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  1. I'm glad you had an enjoyable vacation but sorry it was so cold!