Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring has Sprung

 It looks like spring is finally here! Kara did a great job bringing the spring into the kitchen this week. She LOVES flowers!!
 Along with some outside playtime we finished up the last of the bibs DD#1 needs for next weekend
 I lost count of how many I made, I'm thinking 7 or 8 or...who knows. What I do know is I am done.
 I am trying to get ahead of the game on some holiday embroidery for the year for the little girls.
Once grand baby #5 arrives and Mommy heads back to work I know I will have my hands full. Need to make hay while the sun shines.

This morning is the first time in a very LONG time I crawled back in bed with a cup of tea. I am going to have some quite me time.....I have a list of must do's a mile long but it can all wait. My battery needs to recharge for all the little tasks here and there around the house. It might be time to take one room a day to really get down deep and dirty with getting things back in order.

Oh my gosh could it be spring cleaning time?? Ha, Na, it's more like I have been putting off too many things for too long just making organized piles waiting for the time to do whatever it is correctly. That time has come. I am going with one of the spare bedrooms for today as it's the easiest of them all to complete in one day. We have DD#3's baby shower this afternoon so I can't dig in too deep and I have Kara again tomorrow so that's a wash as well.

What inspired this need to get my ducks back on a row? One of my GF's planned on scrapbooking while we were away. She had packed a reasonable amount of supplies, unlike the rest of us who brought way to much but she ended up spending the entire 5 days in the mountains organizing her PC photo's before she could even start. Scrapbook pages done ZERO, having her photo's in order PRICELESS!! It got me thinking.....While I do get lots and lots of things done there never seems to be enough time to dig down deep in some area's of our home and life for that matter.

I have two free days all to myself next week, they will both be devoted to digging down deep. I know I won't finish it all in just two days but by golly I am going to have three rooms finished top to bottom and at least one ongoing area of my life in better order.

Anyone else feeling a bit dizzy with the cleaning/organizing bug now that the sun is shining again? Maybe finally being able to pull off the fuzzy socks and long sleeve tee's has me motivated to get it ALL done!!


  1. Oh my, the flowers are wonderful! We just had another snow last week so it's really a pleasure to look at something so pretty! The more I look at your yellow walls the more I think I'll be needing some yellow in our new home (when that happens this summer) You may feel bogged down but your life looks sunny and bright from here!

    I love the pumpkin bib, too cute. Yep, even in the cold and rain we did start a deep cleaning yesterday in my sons closet. He'll be taking a trunk full of men's wear to dress for success. Last night he ordered new shirts and casual jackets. I was in on that since I do the ironing I refuse to do shirts with button down collars or fancy add on. We also changed from down comforters to medium weight flannel backed quilts. I'm dreading the kitchen so I'll be watching how you tackle your kitchen. My spices are out of hand both in the cabinets and in the freezer!

  2. pretty girl and pretty flowers~ I have 3 hyacinth blooming and my granddaughter really wanted to pick them but the stems are so short, they would not work in a vase. I think your Kara and my E are 2 peas in a pod.
    hope you get lots done and get some rest too- if that is even possible.