Thursday, March 20, 2014

Helpers for a Day

 Karsyn and Mason man hung out with AJ the beagle and I yesterday. AJ was over the moon to have playmates, she enjoys all the extra snacks!!
 Karsyn decided to do some redecoration by moving furniture around in every room.
Karsyn - "Look at dis Idea Nanny, You rike it?"
Me - I never thought of doing that Karsi, looks pretty good
Karsyn _ "Yep I gots lot of more good ideas, I will show dem all to you"
And...she did
 One of the very few things on my To Do list I thought maybe I could knock off was to cut out more Project Night Night blankets. Mason man loved them all " Dis be mine Nanny?"
 He managed to unwrap an entire bolt of fabric while I was at "Tea" with Karsyn. He is such a good helper.
This is my MUST DO today project. A new hoodie for Karsyn to wear to Tyler's baseball games. It's "too ugy" right now.

I HATE the new time change!!!!! I need to go to bed at night by 9:00 when the grands have been around all day but I can not sleep with the sun still up :(

Lots of playing, laughing, TALKING, and a whole heck of a lot of eating yesterday!! I don't know where they put all that food, on second thought I do know where some of it goes..diapers.

I had their Daddy drop them off at my favorite breakfast joint yesterday morning. I know it's tacky to be a show off but it is acceptable for Nanny's to show off their grands (My rule at least) They each had scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, fruit, and juice. On the way home they wanted to stop for ice cream. Sorry guys Dairy Queen is not open at 7:30 AM. Morning snack, fruit followed by cookies. Late morning snack, peanut butter with graham crackers, followed with Popsicles. Lunch THREE bowls of spaghetti each, with apples. Early afternoon snack, cantaloupe. After nap snack, oranges followed with more Popsicles. Mommy is on her way to pick you up snack, ice cream sandwiches.

That's a whole heck of a lot of eating and even more cleaning of sticky hands. It's been too long that I have had just the two of them all alone, we had a great day! Today it's just Kara which is more work that a dozen kiddo's, that girl..... But we have a BIG surprise coming at the end of the day!

 PAPAW is getting a long weekend at home, he should arrive around dinner time!!! You might know the one time of year that I am off with GF's in the mountains would be when he is home :(

Well life goes on. The trip is still a go with the GF's, hubby will have the big and little kids all to himself for a day and a half (better hide the checkbook and debit card) On his way back to TX he will stop in and have lunch with the GF's and I as it is on his route back.

The house is upside down, too many piles of To Do's hanging around, more piles of stuff to finish, packing for our girls weekend trip, and what the heck will I fix for our dinner!!

 Life is full of curve balls. Gonna have to step up to the plate today. Thankfully I don't need a cute hoodie to get my head in the game, a tee shirt and sweats will do.

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  1. Such fun! I so look forward to grandchildren and hope somehow we can live close enough to visit and have them visit. Thanks for sharing.