Monday, March 3, 2014

The Secret Birthday Party

 Woohoo, look what I found hiding in my stash, wanna guess what I am working on this spring day?  Post your guess in the comment section for a chance at some blog candy that I am still working on!
 Had Sunday dinner out tonight, pizza and lemonade. After dinner we had a secret Birthday party for Papaw. Hubby's BD is next week but he won't be able to make it home :( We decided to have the grands sing Happy Birthday to him and blow out the candles, of course they ate that little cake up
Kara was in a mood, she didn't want to cheer at the end of the song, party pooper.

I have racked my brain as what to do for hubby's BD coming up next weekend. Having flowers delivered to a construction site... well that's just not cool. For now we all put a small something in a box to mail out and of course his favorite cookies will be included as well as one of the photo's from tonight's secret BD party. I know he would love nothing more than a new photo for his desk of these little fellas. Next trip home we will have a real party for him.

It was 73 degrees here today!! I threw the windows and doors open to give the house a good airing out. Tomorrow will be a different story, rain mixed with freezing rain, sleet, ice, snow, who knows what all will be falling from the sky. Oh well, it will be a good day to work on some spring time blog candy.

I have not run out of scraps nor steam to use those suckers up yet. Our girls weekend in the Mt's is coming up at the end of the month. looks like I will be pulling from my scraps/stash to bring along as my projects. There is a super cute fabric/quilting store  in the area, maybe I will be ready to treat myself to a bit of something new after what will be 2 months of scrap sewing!


  1. Funny picture of your grands :) your Kara and my Elizabeth are 2 peas in a pod, I think.
    Pretty fabric, my guess is a pretty hand bag.

  2. hmmm.. a pillowcase for hubby's birthday?

  3. Hmmm.. accent pillows, your own window treatments, a jazzy skirt?

  4. Is it going to be a back for a scrappy chevron quilt? You are doing good using your stash.