Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Night Night Sunday's

 The sweet babies moved to their foster homes yesterday afternoon, a sad happy time. They had to be separated to give them a better chance at being adopted to their forever homes which should be this upcoming Saturday. I have to admit I shed a few tears seeing them go but I know it was the right thing to do. Hears the thing over the "right thing" deal, sometimes it hurts :( In order to start the adoption process they have to have been in a foster home long enough for the foster family to share with their new family a bit about their personality, likes and dislikes, medical check up and such. The foster family also take care of the adoption papers and contract to ensure (as best they can) that the new family has a good understanding of what being a pet owner is all about. In the case of puppies this young the forever family has to also agree to having them sprayed/neutered for free through the agency.

Check out this site when you have the time!! Before the puppies arrived this past weekend I was working on putting together a group of GF's to participate in the Night Night Project for one of our local homeless shelters.
 I finished the first no sew tie blanket Sunday night while the puppies napped in my lap.The blanket is really pretty heavy and soft. I've been told they wash up nicely and are very durable to be drug around by kiddo's. This will be one of the many blankets that will eventually be in the Night Night bags. 
Two more blankets that I was able to purchase fabric for at a much better price are ready to be tied next time I have a spare minute to sit down. Maybe tonight?? I sure hope so!!

Life seldom goes as planed!! No matter how detail and thought out the To Do list is when life throws you a curve ball that list gets thrown to the side. Today will be all about getting my ducks back in a roll. I just don't function well when the house and everything else is out of order. My brain doesn't take to disorder for too many days. All the little should do one of these days becomes "Holy Crap" That has to be done now. I'm going to take it one room at a time, one piece of mail at a time, one paying of bills at a time. Whatever I can't finish today will be completed tomorrow, that is if nothing new pops up! Ha

On to the Project Night Night. I kicked a few idea's around in my head on how to get a group of ladies together on a sorta regular basis to begin building the bags. While it would be wonderful to make a handmade quilt for each bag it just isn't practical. Most of my friends don't sew, all of them have full time jobs, and money doesn't come easy. No sew tie bags it is.

I hit a big box fabric store over the weekend to buy fabric for the first few tie blankets. Figured I better have some idea of how they are made, how long it takes, how much space it takes, and last but not least what the cost would be.

 My head was spinning with the huge selection of fleece fabric avaliable. After deciding on something for a boy and girl I ask the sales lady before she cut the fabric if it was the right stuff for a tie quilt. Nope, it needed to be this that or the other, what I had picked had to much give to it. Back to the drawing board. I thought I was going to lose it trying to find the fabric she suggested as everything was mixed in with everything else. I also had to keep the budget in mind. I picked out what she suggested and that I thought was on sale only to find out after the fact not everything I had cut was not sale. GRR I have a lot to learn about fleece before I have my GF's make their purchases.

After dropping off the puppies yesterday I stopped at the big box store closer to home to make and exchange and see what their fleece prices were. I picked the perfect time to stop by as I was the only customer in the store. Once I shared what I was working on they jumped right in to help me pick what they said ladies use for the blankets. Before I was ready to check out they were cleaning out the bins of remnets in order to get the price per blankets as low as we could go. On my list today is to send an e-mail regarding the OVER the top customer service they provided.

Until I get a better handle on whats what with the tie blankets I will be buying the fabric for my buddies, they can reimburse me on our "Night Night" evening. There is no way they can spend an hour or more in a fabric store picking up supplies.

As far as the stuffed toy and book, the best deal I could find was at Kholes Dept store. They have a display at the checkout counters of stuff animals and books for $5.00 each, for the life of me I can't remember what charity it is that receives a donation from the sales. It's a win, win all the way around.

I did get the order placed for the "Night Night" bags over the weekend, now just waiting for the man in brown to show up with the loot.

Here's how the plan is coming together for now. Lots of my friends didn't get in on the Downton Abby series bandwagon (addiction) until after a few seasons had past. We have all spent the winter reminding each other "Hey it's Sunday night don't forget our show!" Now that season four is over we are gonna miss out Downton Abby fix. BINGO!!!

Beginning this Sunday night we will be enjoying two hours (maybe more) from season one of Downton Abby at our home while we tie blankets for the "Night Night" bags. Admission is one book, stuff animal, and the cost of the fabric. For now I will have a crock pot of something going and a desert to share. I would love to be able to host the evening each week but I have some commitments coming up in the near future that make it impossible, at least we will get a start this week and go from there.

So excited to spend an evening with "The girls" doing something we all love, sharing a bite to eat, and helping some of our local homeless children. Do check out their site when you have the time!!

BTW, may I just say I HATE TIME CHANGES!!!!!!


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